Fall Ice Schedule

Posted by VRC Scheduling on Sep 07 2015 at 10:17AM PDT in 2015-16

The Ice Schedule for the year will be posted shortly. Technical difficulties with the new system have caused us to pull down the schedule temporarily. We will post a PDF of the schedule under the tab>Schedules>Master Schedule. Team managers will then post their individual team schedules under their team names (i.e. Teams>Initiation) allowing parents to track when and where their child’s team will be practicing/playing. Ice was allocated this year using the following guidelines:

1. The VRC Ice schedule must fit within our financial capacity.

2. Normally ice is allocated to Divisions according to seniority and Island league needs. The following is a tentative regular ice allocation schedule for Bantam>Peewee>Atom>Novice>Initiation
Bantam A: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat Game Slot
PW A: Tues, Thurs, Rotating Friday, Sat Game Slot

  • PW B*: Mon, Wed, Rotating Friday, Sat Game Slot
    Atom A: Monday pm, Rotating Wed am, Rotating Thurs pm; Rotating Fri Night Game Slot; Sunday Game Slot
    Atom B: Rotating Mon pm, Rotating Wed am, Rotating Thurs pm, Rotating Fri Night Game Slot, Sunday Game Slot
    Atom C: Rotating Mon pm, Rotating Wed am, Rotating Thurs pm, Rotating Fri Night Game Slot, Sunday Game Slot
    Novice: Rotating Mon am; Rotating Fri; Rotating Sat or Sunday Game slot; Away team slots
    Initiation: Wed pm, Saturday am

3. Island League Teams have to have schedules as delineated by VIAHA
Games scheduled by league. Saturday emphasis this year for Island League.
Bantam and Peewee A have in Monday Dryland requests.
Because of IL travel and dryland, PW/B teams should not practice late Fridays/early Mondays

4. Atom Development
Atom Schedule set by VIAHA with Sunday emphasis for games this year.
Atom A will be assigned late monday slot, other teams given first priority for earlier (~5pm) practice slots.
Plan is to have lots of joint practices still, but at least one solo team practice per week.
Shared practices: Atom, A, B, C assigned using a regular weekly rotation
Try to have a Supershare practice involving Novice A and Atom C once every 4 weeks
Try to have Atom A practice with Peewee B once a month (supershare on a monday)
Have Peewee B with Peewee A once every four weeks (Friday Slot?)
5. Novice
Need lots of shared practices to increase ice time per player
Use monday mornings for solo practice slot?
Friday evening super-shared practices. Rotate teams (40 along/40 shared/40 alone)
Teams that don’t practice monday morning will practice Friday evening.
Three game slots: Sat (1:30pm); Sun (8:00am; 9:20am)
6. Initiation
Sat. Morning Oak Bay Time Slot
Wed. Early practice

Remember: All teams will have weekends when they can’t play at home. These sessions will be allocated to Novice and Initiation teams depending on the time slot and their playing schedule (I.e. if a team plays earlier that day, the slot would go to the next team. Keep balanced and fairly distributed.)